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Vinyl-group-reactions, in chemistry, vinyl or ethenyl is the functional group with the formula −ch=ch2. it is the ethylene molecule with one fewer hydrogen atom. the name is also used for any compound containing that group, namely r−ch=ch2 where r is any other group of atoms. an industrially important example is vinyl chloride, precursor to pvc, a plastic commonly known as vinyl. chessboard made from polyvinyl chloride vinyl is one of the alkenyl functional groups. on a carbon skeleton, sp2-hybridized carbons .... We investigated the adsorption of vinyl alcohol onto ge(100) surface by performing density functional theory calculations. the c–o dissociative adsorption of vinyl alcohol produces two fragments, a hydroxyl group and a vinyl group, each of which bonds with a different germanium atom., evidence of unequal vinyl group reactivity in copolymerization/crosslinking reactions of mono- and divinyl comonomers antonios g. mikos, christosg..

Wikipedia entry; return to glossary index, effect of crystallinity on vinyl group reactions during the γ‐ray irradiation of polyethylene malcolm dole department of chemistry, baylor university, waco, texas 76703. journal article: effect of crystallinity on vinyl group reactions during the. gamma. -ray irradiation of polyethylene, lewis structure : ball and spoke : space-filling model: related terms: vinyl group, vinylic carbocation, vinylic position, vinylic hydrogen, chloroprene, neoprene.

Anchimeric assistance by the γ-vinyl group makes (mesi)c(simech [[double bond, length half m-dash]] ch)(simei) much more reactive than (mesi)csimei towards cfchoh, cfchh, and silver salts, and treatment of (mesi)c(simech [[double bond, length half m-dash]] ch)(sieti) with agoccf or agbf gives mixtures of (mesi)..., effect of crystallinity on vinyl group reactions during the γ‐ray irradiation of polyethylene. malcolm dole; nedeljko gvozdic; pages: 169-172; first published: january 1980; first page; full text pdf pdf references; request permissions; free access . characteristic ratio of a 1,4‐poly(2,3‐dimethyl butadiene) ....

Table 3. activity of the recovered silica-supported aluminum chloridea run yield (%) 197 269 365 a1 mmol aniline, 1.5 mmol methy1 acrylate, and 0.2g silica-supported alumi- num chloride were used each time. table 2. michael addition reaction of methyl acrlylate with aniline in protic and