Using-pvc-pipe-to-hang-icle-lights-from-gutters, dec 2, 2014 - using pvc to hang christmas lights, quick and easy set up in future years.. For a full tutorial visit: $5.00 the lazy way to hang christmas lights on the gutter no ladder needed - laderlless light clips - duration: 3:48. cbatilo 67,826 views, jan 3, 2018 - no-hassle outdoor lights // #christmas #outdoorlights #hacks. Are you looking for how to hang string lights in backyard without trees? we’ve done a few of projects with lights and no trees. we’ll show you three ways we did it and then cover a few other ways you can hang them as well., there are good ways to hang icicle lights, and then there are ways that just do not work. when icicle lights first came out, safety was a concern, as they tended to get hot. today, you can purchase led icicle lights that give the same sparkling effect without giving off any heat..

Need of the help of you experts and veterans to this craft. this is my first year, i had hopped to get my holidacoro order in enough time to atleast get some red white and blue up by july 4th, probably won't happen as my order is just now shipping from the first pre-sale either way i need help deciding on what i'm going to do. gutters are just throwing me off.