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Ulc-rated-concrete-block-wall-assemblies, q: how are fire ratings of concrete masonry assemblies calculated, and for fire code compliance, are listing services such as ul® required? - fire rating expertise desired a: dear fred: section 721 of the ibc recognizes several methods to calculate the fire resistance for cmu walls.. Westbrook block is a proud producer of underwriters laboratories (ul) approved fire-rated cmu in both light weight and normal weight densities in 2-, 3- and 4-hour configurations., an information series from the national authority on concrete masonry technology ncma tek 7-1c 1 fire resistance ratings of concrete masonry assemblies introduction concrete masonry is widely specified for fire walls and fire barriers because concrete masonry is noncombus – tible, provides durable fire resistance, and is economical to construct..

As a regulatory representative of underwriters laboratories of canada (ulc), this author sees an increasing number of building designers submitting plans to approving authorities with fire-resistant-rated assemblies as being “based on design no. xxxx” instead of using the actual listed one. however, a design submitted as being “based on” is not the design “listed” by ulc., a four-hour fire rating may be achieved by using a u.l.c. rated lightweight block, or by filling a 190 mm wide block with concrete grout (see bcbc section d-2) example 2: a two-hour firewall is needed. using the table, a 190mm unit is rated by the nbc to have a 1.5-hour fire rating, but with a u.l.c. certificate, that same block can be certified.

Bxuvc.u905 fire resistance ratings page bottom fire resistance ratings see general information for fire resistance ratings design no. u905 june 18, 2012, ulc standards develops and publishes standards and specifications for products having a bearing on fire, life safety and security, crime prevention, energy efficiency, environmental safety, security of assets and facilities, live working and workplace safety […].

Fire resistance ratings of concrete masonry assemblies tek 7-1c fire resistance (2009) introduction concrete masonry is widely specifi ed for fi re walls and fi re barriers because concrete masonry is noncombustible, provides durable fi re resistance, and is economical to construct. chapter 7 of the international building code (ibc) (refs. 2, 3) governs materials and assemblies used for ..., 6 cgc fire-resistant assemblies test certification test conditions and fire and sound tested assemblies listed in this selector are based on characteristics, properties and performance certification of materials and systems obtained under controlled test conditions as set forth in the appropriate ulc and astm standards in effect at the time of test. these listings are short summaries to serve ....

Fig.1: fire resistant masonry wall. methods to determine fire resistance rating of concrete and masonry . as per aci 216.1-m07, the fire resistance of concrete and masonry materials and assemblies should be estimated using one of the methods provided in the following section: