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Powerpoint presentation on sets

Powerpoint presentation on sets

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Maths sets ppt. 1. Kendriya Vidyalaya Bairagarh Matematics Assginment SubmittedTo: dbgimpianti.comhoreSir(PGTMaths) Submitted By: Akshit. Sets, elements, subsets. In this course we cover a variety of topics, some of which may seem to be completely unrelated to others. Set mathematics. Set: A collection of objects. Elements: The objects that belong to the set. Set Designations (3 types). Word Descriptions: The set of even counting numbers less.

n(A) = | A | = 4. Sets use “curly” brackets. The number of elements in Set A is 4. Sets are denoted by Capital letters. 3 is an element of A. 7 is not an element of A. A well – defined set is a set in which we know for sure if an element belongs to Using the set A and the set B from the previous slide, then the union of A, B is. Although a set can contain (almost) anything, we will most often use sets of numbers. All positive numbers . End of lecture on 5 February Subsets 3.

Set operations, Venn diagrams. Set operations. Let U = {x|x is an English- language film}. Set A below contains the five best films according to the American Film. Basic Structures: Sets. Acknowledgement. Most of these slides were either created by Professor Bart Selman at Cornell University or else are modifications of his. Objects in the collection are called elements of the set. August DrDelMath The collection of all counties in the state of Texas is a set. . this presentation. Actually, you will see that logic and set theory are very closely related. Fall Sets A and B are equal if and only if they contain exactly the same elements.