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What a time to be alive meaning

What a time to be alive meaning

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Translates directly to "what a time to be alive". This acronym has two key connotations: 1) celebrating what an outrageous Top definition. What a Time to be Aliveā€ is a memorable quote from the animated television series The Simpsons which can be used to sarcastically express awe at a very. What does it mean to be alive in the Anthropocene? What's the point What is the meaning of being alive for people who cant control their own time? Is this the .

What a Time to Be Alive is a collaborative commercial mixtape by Canadian rapper Drake and American rapper Future. It was released on September 20, if you are having a good day and you say "what a time to be alive" it implies you are happy you are alive to experience the good events that have happened. if something bad happens and you use the phrase sarcastically, you're implying "wow good timing". Hi, Could anyone, please, tell me what the following sentence means? "what a time to be alive".

Many of the enjoyable songs on What a Time to Be Alive tap the same vein that muted, pulsing keyboard imbue Drake's words with meaning. What a wonderful time to be alive! Emily goes on to say that meaning comes from belonging, which stems from love for self and others. After Drake kicked off tonight's episode of OVO Sound radio with a DJ mix, he began to talk about the origins of what we all knew was imminent.